Imma Folch | 20 years ago
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20 years ago

20 years ago

20 years ago I was in a hotel room in Malaga. I had just given a training course to one of my dealers. I was a product specialist for Philips and travelled every other week around Spain to visit our distributors. I was young and each time I visited a new city, I tried to stay for the weekend and do some tourism.

That day I was tired. It had bee a long day. I was at my room, having a club sandwich and watching television. Hotels had satellite TV and I didnt, so I always tried to watch some german tv to learn the language.

I remember I was lying on the bed, with my sandwhich an a beer and I started seeing all those images about crowds of happy people  jumping over the Berlin wall, all those hundreds of people celebrating in the streets, all the smiles, the happiness. I went through all the TV channels and all of them were giving the same news. The Berlin wall was history.

I got so excited about living that historic moment. What was I doing in a hotel room ? I decided to go out and celebrate…and luckily the first bar I walked into it was full of germans with great smiles celebrating, jumping, singing, hugging each other. I joined the party and stay with them for several hours!

20 years later some voices say things should have been done better. There are still invisible walls. German economy has suffered the reunification and not everybody is happy about it.

But, you know what? Liberty is a right, a human right.  20 years ago liberty won and that is what we have to celebrate and hope that the rest of the walls in the planet one day will also be overtaken by masses of happy people with smile and hugs.


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