Imma Folch | Balancing Professional and Personal Life in Social Media
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Balancing Professional and Personal Life in Social Media

Balancing Professional and Personal Life in Social Media

One of the blogs I follow is by Jay Baer.  Jay is a specialist in Social Media and his comments are really useful and meaninful. I just read his latest post «How to  balance your professional and personal life in Social Media» and I think he is very right and has some very good and useful hints. I am copying some of what he says:

«My online community cares about me, supports me, and laughs at my jokes. And that’s a comfort. (and I’m thankful for you every day)

But none of that works until or unless you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone online»


«The question I’m most often asked when working with corporations and business owners on social media strategy is “how do I balance my personal and professional life online?”

“Surely, no one wants to know what I’m doing on the weekend.”

Actually, they do. They really do. You’ve probably heard the saying that people don’t hire companies, they hire people. It’s why “chemistry” with the client is so critical in professional services firms. Why would you not want to pre-establish chemistry and commonality with your prospective friends and clients online?»


«The fundamental truth is that your personal life is almost undoubtedly more interesting than your business life. Period. And, associating some sort of noteworthy character trait to your personal brand makes you more memorable in social media. The fact that you run a PR firm? Meh. The fact that run a PR firm, but also grow prize-winning roses? I’ll remember that.»


«Your personal life? Your professional life? One and the same. I know that’s often uncomfortable. But it’s the truth.»


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