Imma Folch | Busy August
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Busy August

Busy August

This start of august has been the busiest I remember!  Today we had the confirmation of a new client for our PR department, and our Marketing Director is preparing five back to school campaigns proposals. Wow!

The truth is that all of our clients, past clients and potential clients have significantly decreased their spendings in marketing and pr and this year has been very tough so far. But what we see now is that there is the energy and the will to activate the market.  I think Q4 is going to generate business again, and hopefully it will lead to new jobs opportunities. I don’t know too much about economy, or rather, I chose not to know, but I do know about connecting dots: stock exchange is up again, that will lead into less fear an cashing benefits, which will lead into more spending money – with a difference: intelligent spending – which will lead to increase in business and which will lead to job creation. Yes, job creation is the last dot, but it will come, I am sure.

Forced or voluntary brakes are very bad for one’s economy but good for the thinking…

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