The «alphabet» trends

Computer monitors need to be raised to meet eye level so you can sit with your back strait at work. Most of the people in the office have a stack of white paper underneath them. I don’t. I have my first marketing book , the «bible», – o course Philip’s Kotler Marketing Management book, in Spanish and one of the first editions. I had that book since 1995, and now, more than 15 years later, I look at my shelf and I see «Marketing Management, Kotler, 11th edition».

At that time, the 5 «P» where the hot trend: Product, Price, Point of Sale, Promotion and People. And it was marketing. The boundaries between marketing and communication where well established.

Now I am doing some research on PR trends and I find the same Kotler’s pattern but using a different letter : «C», Conversations, Content, Connections, Community, C-level counsel …

But the world has change indeed – the impacts of information we all receive have been mutliplied by millions. Now we are not just information recipients, now we are part of the information channel. We can comment, post, tweet, write,..we ARE communication, and therefore marketing.

So If I have to choose a letter of the alphabet to describe which should be the trend to follow I would use «F».


Yes, – whatever trends are, don’t forget the environment, the mobile growth, the multiple social networks, the intereactive TV ..and please FOCUS –

If you are a company, focus on your main message, if you are a person, focus on the messages that add value to your life, if you are a community person, focus and what makes your life more meaningful!

FOCUS should be the trend!