Imma Folch | Personal thoughts
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Personal thoughts

I have to admit that since I got into Twitter I have abandoned my blog. To tell you the truth, I don't even tweet that much, I just read. Why? Because I basically use Twitter from my BlackBerry when I am in between meetings, travelling, etc... and connecting to links provided by people I follow is somethimes takes too much time.  Spain is like that - or I should say, Movistar - never know if you are in a 3G, 2G, EDGE, GRPS, o whatsoever zone. Today is Saturday and I have a bad cold that I caught last wednesday watching Barcelona - Stuttgart at the Stadium .. Yay!! We won!! .. But it got reallllly cold. So, here I am home, and I decided to check the couple dozens of news letters I have received in this past week. What do I think everytime I sign to a news letter?  Will a little dwarf jump out of my computer , camp in my ear, and read them to me??? ( This reminded me of the Babel Fish by Douglas Adams ;) )... Anyway -  I open an email from "A Small World" , which is a Social Network I did sign for and I hardly enter - I have enough with LinkedIn and Facebook. So I scrolled down the email and I found the word "Jetrosexual" -- What is that??  Oh my! Men who own Jets!!!! 

20 years ago I was in a hotel room in Malaga. I had just given a training course to one of my dealers. I was a product specialist for Philips and travelled every other week around Spain to visit our distributors. I was young and...

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