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PR and Communication

One of the benefits of being members of the Worldcom PR Network is the incredbibly talent people you get to meet. David Grossman is the President of Worldcom's University.  I receive a newsletter with very valuable information for my work in communication and PR. Today I want to share a very simple post, but very very inspiring: I’m Not Kidding: Three Steps to be a Better Listener

I have been preparing a communication proposal for a potential client, and of course including some social media strategies - but when it gets to the point of thinking about Twitter I always have my own doubts. Definetely the use of Twitter in Spain is way behind the US - I guess only us freaks use twitter and we mostly follow US friends and some spanish bloggers and journalists. But, how about young people ? Researching about the use of twitters among spaniards, I got a twit myself from @jaybaer posting and article on Millenials and the use of twitter. Coincidence ? I don´t  know, but truth is, I am not surprised of what the article says. Let me post it here. Source :
Millennials Among Those Who Don't Appreciate Twitter
by Laurie Sullivan, 6 hours ago Millennials -- 18- to-26-year-olds -- don't see value in Twitter, although they spend hours daily texting friends and communicating on social networks in real time, according to a study released Monday from the Participatory Marketing Network (PMN).   
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