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  6. Sebastopol little round

    pockets, Closings, And change of ownerships dot the local business landscape

    this company scene in Sebastopol is undergoing one of its periodic upheavals, With several businesses closing or leaving the downtown area and several more online businesses opening in The Barlow.

    Flower lovers will be sorry to read about the closing of Flower Song, The in the area owned florist shop on North Main Street, Which has served Sebastopol for more than 30 years.

    Owner Sue Engle put a notice on social networks on Aug. 15, Announcing the closing of the business and the subsequent sale of flowers and furniture. Engle, Who purchased Flower Song in sept of 2015, Said the store never was able to re establish its economic footing after last October’s fires.

    A wedge away, Tina «Mazzy» Mazzucotelli is also saying they’ve had enough. Mazzucotelli launched Mazzy’s Closet, A consignment store, on 2013. now that she’s closed her store, Mazzucotelli says she’ll be selling at festivals and farmers’ markets in the future and will let her customers know through Facebook and Instagram.

    Mazzy’s is the second used/vintage clothing store to close shop in Sebastopol this year. Aubergine, South of the town center, finished in March, although it continued life as an online retailer via eBay. Lovers of shops stores, for carefully curated than thrift stores, still need options in town, Including Pine Grove consignment on Main Street and, For younger set, start-up in south Sebastopol.

    additional loss to Main Street is an addition to business in south Sebastopol. Art Soul’s two stores one for adults and one need to are moving to the old Aubergine building. Art Soul isn’t renting the whole space, But they are giong the only tenant in their new space for now.

    «We’ve just grown out of our valid space, Said president Sabina Fried. «And the move will allow us to offer things that we couldn’t before, Like full center framing,

    true wild card in downtown is the fate of Copperfield’s Books. the house that houses the Sebastopol bookstore is currently up for sale for $2,075,000. Copperfield’s will remain, But no one knows what the new owners dating chinese girls when you can get new owners will do. Calls and email messages from Sonoma West to Copperfield’s owner Paul Jaffe, Who launched the limited bookstore chain in 1981, Went unanswered.

    At its northern border end of town, EStuff+ electronics market, In the Pacific Market shopping center, is closing. Owner Andy Cohen said his lease was up for vitality. «We really had to consider the direction things were going, he explained. «touch screen phones and Amazon have basically destroyed the small electronics market, And this seemed like a good time to bring things to a close,Two local companies are undergoing a change of ownership and management. the owners of King Falafel have sold the restaurant to their longtime chef Raffat Alshamanseh, Who says he plans show them more regional specialties in about six months.

    the exact Sebastopol Inn, which will be owned by Sam Patel, Is under new applications: Former owners and managers Ashok and Anita Mukherji are retirement. the initial manager is Tina Patel, Who also manages the Azura Hotel in Santa Rosa.

    based on hotel staff, Patel is active and enthusiasm and has already made several improvements to the hotel in terms of its business’ organization. They also report she intends to push ahead with a long planned renovation of the hotel.

    business is bullish in The Barlow

    The Barlow is at full occupancy at last in its history. Although it has lost the Tibetan memorial, It has gained several online businesses, which have opened recently, And several more that is to be opening in the next few months.

    Elsie yellow, in front of from Woodfour Brewery, launched on June 9. the company sources high end vintage furniture, Kitchenware and decorating items from Morocco, Spain and this particular language.

    According to employees from The Barlow, The owners of Elsie Green have extensive contacts with buyers in Europe and enjoy checking French countryside, selecting whatever catches their eye.

    search, because it’s just two months old, Calls itself a life-style emporium. Like a shop, It offers a modest amount of everything men’s, Women’s and kid’s clothing in silk, published, bamboo bed sheets and organic cotton, outdoor furnishings and other dcor, Even bicycles but unlike a department shop, It offers not all choice pieces, impressive, personally selected by owners Oliver and Grace Estrada, Who describe their dating chinese girls products as «slight batch, (there’re hiring.)

    Gallery 300 moved on SOFA Arts District of Santa Rosa to The Barlow in June. It promotes itself as featuring progressive, top rated, more contemporary California artists and pieces from major art shows, Like Art san diego.

    It focuses painting, computerized collage and mixed media. Jennifer Hirschfield, Artist and who owns the gallery, Said she is mindful that The Barlow was can be a maker space, And has her studio at the back of the gallery.

    yellow State Cider, Founded by second creation apple farmer Jolie Devoto and her husband Hunter Wade, Uses sustainably grown fruit from oregon, wa and California in four core ciders: these types of Brut Cider, Gingergrass Cider, fantastic Hops Cider and famous Dry Cider, A champagne style off dry cider.

    in addition produce limited releases from the Devoto Orchard in Sebastopol, to include a harvest release called Save The Gravenstein. The Barlow agents expect them to open their facility in winter 2019.

    Seismic Brewing Company will take over one of the property’s prime spots the glass walled restaurant space at a corner of Bodega Highway and Morris Street, Which has sat empty since The Barlow got its start. Seismic was developed by Chris Jackson of the Jackson family with friends from college. (message: the work is not connected to Jackson Family Wines.) it can be going open in winter 2019.

    in addition there are two new restaurants coming to The Barlow: The Farmer’s partner, Which built its reputation at farmers’ markets in Marin and frisco, functionality simple, antique dishes, With all new, area, And organic active ingredients. i would say the «liquefy» snacks (Artisan barbequed cheese) Created by owner Kendra Kolling are regularly raved over by food newspapers.

    Fans of high end Japanese cuisine will want to know about Ko Sho, A partnership of wine county chef Jake Rand, Who has an all-inclusive background in Japanese and other Asian cuisines. Barlow specialists expect KoSho to open by mid September.

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