Imma Folch | Day 7 : Corte – Muratello, Porto Vecchio
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Day 7 : Corte – Muratello, Porto Vecchio

Day 7 : Corte – Muratello, Porto Vecchio

(Más abajo en Español )


We woke up late, alter a great sleep, finally, and we went for breakfast – a couple of Croissants, café, juice, and we got back to the car which have slept in a public parking under a roof!. We drove through the N200, the oldest road in Corsica with a great scenery. Before getting to Muratello we took the road to Col de Bavella, a winding road that goes up to 1200 meters. Traffic was intense, campers, cars, motos. We stopped at a snack just by the river and watched the great scenery. Took a couple of salads, and rested a bit. Then we headed to Muratello, Porto Vecchio to the house we have rented. The house was spectacular, very new and with a great swimming pool. When the owners left, Trick and me rushed to the supermarket which was closing in an hour to discover all Corsica was in the same supermarket. My God!! Never seen so much people in a supermarket. Shopping was like a rally !! But we managed to shop and went back to the house, at night time already. After putting all the groceries in the kitchen I just dived in the pool. EXCELLENT – HOLIDAYS!!


Nos despertamos tarde después de dormer muy bien y fuimos a desayunar – un par de croissants, café, zumo, y de vuelta al coche que había dormido en un parking público a cubierto. Tomamos la N200, la carretera más antigua de Córcega con unos paisajes espectaculares. Antes de llegar a Muratello tomamos la carretera hacia el Col de Bavella, carretera con curvas que sube hasta 1200 metros. El tráfico era intenso – caravanas. Motos, coches. Paramos en un snack para contemplar la vista espectacular y el río. Tomamos un par de ensaladas y volvimos a la carretera camino de Muratello, Porto Vecchio a la casa que habíamos alquilado. La casa espectacular, muy nueva y con una estupenda piscina. Cuando se fueron los dueños Trick y yo nos fuimos al super. Dioses!! Toda Córcega estaba en ese super. Quedaba una hora para cerrar y la compra se convirtió en un rally. Lo conseguimos, volvimos a casa ya de noche. Después de dejarlo todo en la cocina me tiré a la piscina. EXCELENTE – VACACIONES ¡!

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