Imma Folch | Fans on Facebook – why?
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Fans on Facebook – why?

Fans on Facebook – why?

That is always what I ask my clients «what do you want to have fans on facebook for ? And I get as an answer  hesitation  followed by silence. There is no single answer, there are many, but always in accordance with the objectives of our plans or social media campaigns. One of the main reasons is the «brand recall» so defined by the Nielsen report, which echoes the online newspaper

The advantages of having fans on Facebook, according to Nielsen
April 21, 2010

The memory, awareness and purchase intention increase when users see on their Facebook home page ads. This is one of the conclusions of the first study that Nielsen has undertaken in collaboration with the social network where 800,000 members have participated and 14 brands from different categories and highlighting Ad Age. The impact of recognition and remembrance is even greater when they see their friends have become fans of this brand.

 The ads on the Facebook home page generated an average of 10% increase in memory, a 4% increase in brand awareness, and 2% in purchase intent between users who saw ads in comparison with a group of similar characteristics who did not see them.
But the increase in thebrand  memory grew by 16% when users saw their friends  became fans of a brand and 30% if the brand was mentioned in the news of the wall of users by comments from friends fans. The visibility and purchase intention increased also  in the same cases.

According to Nielsen about 18 million users of Facebook ads were studied for this work, of which only 130,000, 1%, click on the adds. But about 40,000, or 4%, they became fans of brands because their friends were.

According to one of the leaders of the study, the results indicate how important it is for brands to have fans if they want their advertising on Facebook to be effective

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