Imma Folch | Is blogging a selfish act?
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Is blogging a selfish act?

Is blogging a selfish act?

I have recently created this blog to write in English. It’s not the first one I have…I had previous blogs were I switched languages depending on the day.

A few years ago – 4 or 5 – it was “cool” to have a blog. Not too many people new what all of this was about and having a blog was sort of trendy, geekie, .. but now, it’s just another communication tool, it’s the universalilty of ones thoughts.

Daily I live some situations, as simple as crossing a street and almost being ran over by a bycicle, or reading something on the paper which I totally disagree, or seeing someone begging in the street, or feeling the touch of a smile..and I feel I want to write about it and share my feelings, my thoughts.

But..with whom ? Who is going to read my blog ? Let’s be realistic:

a) My friends: Do I have to use a public blog to communicate with my friends? Isn’t it nicer to just meet and talk, or chat over the phone, or exchange emails?

b) People I don’t know and probably will never meet: Does it matter what those people think if I don’t know them and they don’t know me and there is no interaction whatsover? Well, ok,  maybe sometime I might write something which can “touch” somehow someone and make a difference. much “maybe’s” in there..

c) Myself: aha! I read it. I read it after I post it to see if whatever I have written makes sense. And when I read it, it makes ME feel good.

So…is blogging a selfish act ? Writting, letting it out, expressing, …good therapy and good for the soul…for MY soul. I have to use a computer ( electricity, CO2, renting, light emision to my eyes from the screen ), a connection to the internet (money, server, more electricity ), an account ( time ) ?

Boy, am I being selfish!

I want to write for option B  – then option C is included in B ! – If I don’t succeed .. I’ll organize more dinners, parties, trips, and be with my friends!!! That makes more sense!!

  • Dolors
    Posted at 06:52h, 04 agosto Responder

    I couldn’t stop myself after reading this entry, I didn’t even realise I was laughing out loud, you’re soo right !
    Anyway, I’ve never met you and I’m writing in your blog, right? Maybe option B isn’t that far fetched…

  • Imma
    Posted at 11:33h, 04 agosto Responder

    Thanks for yor comment! Lets see if we can go from B to A 😉

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