Is clicking «like» considered to be «engaged» ?

English is not my first language – So the word «engagement» if  I read it from my spanish mind means something serious – to be engaged is to accept responsibilities, to take care of someone or something, to be ready to comit…but I usually see the word engagement followed by «customers», «clients», «conversations» … and then it translates to «I like» clicking.  I have always thought we, PR and Marketing people are sometimes over enthusiastic on trivial things in life – maybe giving the times it is a global effort to mantain common sense and therefore highlight simple acts ..

Today I finally read an article that I can relate about the «i like» versus «being engaged» .. I recommend it! Click here for the full article!


PeerIndex boss slams Facebook’s ‘trivialising’ of social engagement

By Nicola Kemp,, 12 March 2013, 08:00AM

The chief executive of social-media analytics firm PeerIndex has accused Facebook of ‘trivialising’ social engagement in a drive to maximise profits.

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