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Proud of my country

Proud of my country

Today one of my best friends got married in Barcelona. It was a civil wedding. It only lasted 10 minutes, but there we where, a crowd of 20 friends watching the love between them, and watching them sign the marriage contract. This wedding was number 3 of the day. There was a list with the last names at the main entrance. We saw the couple that was getting married in the first place. It was a men and women, in their 50’s. She was dresses as a bride, in gold silk, and he was wearing a brown suite. Very elegant and happy. They had around 50 people with them, friends and family. The second wedding was a man and women. They both looked latin american. They were dressed casual, and 2 other people came wih them, the testimonies.  Nobody else.

Then it was my friend’s turn: he was dressed in a black suite with a purple stripe tie, and his boyfriend also in a black suite with a brown tie. Both of them looked very elegant – a blond and blue eyes man from the US and a dark hair man from Portugal. They looked so nice together!

And this is possible in Spain – a young democracy, a modern monarchy, and a country where civil rights have made possible for two men to get married and have the same rights as the immigrant couple and as the local couple.

The sun was shining and I felt proud of being equal as everyone else, of being a part of a society in which the individual goes first, and the adjectives don’t interfere with the esence of the word PERSON.  I felt proud of being from Barcelona.

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