Simple words but inspiring

One of the benefits of being members of the Worldcom PR Network is the incredbibly talent people you get to meet. David Grossman is the President of Worldcom’s University.  I receive a newsletter with very valuable information for my work in communication and PR. Today I want to share a very simple post, but very very inspiring:

I’m Not Kidding: Three Steps to be a Better Listener

At a recent kid’s story time event at the local bookstore, I overheard its storyteller with directions for the toddlers. “Before we get started, what do we need to do?” she said in her kid-friendly voice, reminding attendees of the rules of story time (complete with helpful gestures perfect for the 2- to 4-year olds and their parents).

Together, they all said:

  1. Open your ears
  2. Close your mouth
  3. Eyes on me

Brilliant, I thought. These three strategies can work for anyone who needs to listen, or who wants to improve their listening skills. It’s amazing that much of what we learn as kids can translate to the workplace, and often how quickly we forget simple but powerful principles that could make life at work a whole lot better.

– David Grossman

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