Imma Folch | Social Media ignorants
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Social Media ignorants

Social Media ignorants

Last night at a party I was caught in the middle of a conversation between a journalist and a teacher. The journalist is currenty working in a digital department of a well known media, involved in strategic implementation of social media tools. The teacher is teaching high school kids who are a bit problematic.

At one point of the conversation I realized the enormous gaps there are in whatever surrounds social media. 

The journalist was concerned on how to motivate spanish population to embrace social media at the same pace as in the US but from the media perspective.  Media need to be the first to tweet, post, or blog without abandoning their business. Media need to adapt, and they have to do it more quickly than social media tools penetration in society as the most credible tool to be informed with.

The teacher was concerned on how to connect with students and teach them the habit of studying and responsability acquisition.  They din’t have the tools to do so because students related with society in a different way.

The teacher admited most of the teachers were social media ignorants.

So, again, common sense is needed. Step by step. We need to invest in training, we need to invest in knowledge, we need to accept communication is changing and infinite channels are being opened.

But, we need to be very careful: isolation is around the corner!

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