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Amazing is the word to describe the speed and the ability chinese companies have to launch "look alike" projects. While we are still waiting for the iPad to get to our hometown, China is already launching "iPad Flankers" which are devices to good enough to kill the iPad but enough the challenge iPad - Read the  The New York Times article that I 'm reproducing below or just go to the source here. It is very interesting! China’s Flood of iPad Flankers
Tablets From ChinaAshlee Vance/The New York Times A number of iPad-like slate computers have become available in China, including these two systems that are about half the size of Apple’s device.
China has rather quickly emerged as the home of the iPad Flanker. An iPad Flanker, by my definition, is a device that’s not really good enough to “kill” the iPad but is different enough to challenge the iPad with certain audiences. Most of the flankers seen to date run Google’s Android software, have touch screens and cost less than the iPad. There are full iPad-size devices like the iWonder from Foxconn. And then there’s a new crop of smaller devices that have just hit the market. These things take the notion of a supersize smartphone to a whole new level. Richard Brown, a marketing director at the chip maker Via, was kind enough to show me some of the latest flankers that are available in markets around China. A Chinese company named Eken makes a white 8-inch tablet-cum-slate flanker that is available for as little as $110, Mr. Brown said, and G-link makes a similar device, only black.
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