Imma Folch | Technology and dating
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Technology and dating

Technology and dating

I just saw a very simple american comedy film about women dating men and when to know if your date was going to call you for a second date. Sometimes it’s necessary to disconnect the mind… But there was a scene that really made me laugh. To girlfriends were at the supermarket and one of them seem desperate cause she couldn’t find any man to date, and the other one asked her about one in particular – «What happened with Mark ( or Tom or whatever) ? » and the other one said » Well, we didn’t get to date for a second time».  The first one said «You told me the first date went very well» …and the answer was:

«Well yes, I phone him and left a message on his voice mail, he sent me an email to my Blackberry, then I text him an sms to his cellular phone, he then send me an email to my work email, I send him a message through myspace…and we never end up meeting. I wish we could go back in time where we only had ONE phone and ONE answering machine with ONE tape and when you got home you either had a message or you didn¡t. Now I have to go through seven or more platforms to know I am rejected»

And I laughed. And I just laughed again after checking my outlook, my gmail, my facebook, my twitter, my linkedin, my xing…before going to bed.

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