Imma Folch | The power of an emotion to change an opinion
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The power of an emotion to change an opinion

The power of an emotion to change an opinion

All of us who are in marketing and PR we must never forget that our target is people. We may draft an excellent PR plan to communicate the benefits of a product and the result is that someone will buy the product. We may work on reputation management of a firm, and the result is that someone will trust that firm and invest in it. We may work on a press conference and the result is that the editor will get the message, write about our client, and someone will buy the product or service. People. We work for people. And people are emotions. Sometimes we forget that.

 Today I was walking to the office and was waiting for a light to turn green and saw that an abandoned building nearby had been “occupied” and very loud music was being played. My mind immediately started producing negative thoughts about this: neighbourhood is going to get dirty, this may attract burglars, this people always generate conflict , etc.. Suddenly, while I was crossing the street still looking at the house, a young guy went out the balcony, with a clown nose and a trumpet and started playing, dancing and wawing and the people passing by. He made me smile. And  I smiled for a long time. And just with that smile all my negative feelings went away, and thought – “young people who still believe in something and live accordingly. Wow”.


Was it the music? Was it the red clown nose? Was it his eyes looking at mine? I don’t know, but it touched my emotions and modified my thoughts.


So let’s think about this when we write our marketing and communication plans. People.


PS. Needless to say, being ethical is a must.

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