Imma Folch | We are where we are and we probably deserve it
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We are where we are and we probably deserve it

We are where we are and we probably deserve it

Today I had lunch with my female ex-classmates of IESE. In 2005  I took a General Management Program at this prestigious university and every now and then we get together for lunch and update ourselves about our works, life and family.

Our conversation today was about the european political campaign being done in Spain for the June 7th poll, and , of course, about how the crisis is afecting our careers and business. At one point, one of them said : «We are where we are and we probably deserve it». I think it’s an excellent sentence.

In the past years we have advanced as if nothing bad could happen and now we all have the feeling that there is a lack of leadership and of solutions. On a personal basis, we are all doing things to overcome this situation, but I personally have the feeling that we are just shooting to whatever is moving around. I think it’s time to stop and look inside of us and see what is the best we have ..and that is ourselves and our values. Basic values such as honesty, empathy, friendship, companionship, and humbleness are starting to show and pushing away the need for success, competitivity, shelfisness . It’s quite interesting indeed.

I feel it on my daily work – we have to work together. Why don’t our politics here in Spain think the same way? I just don’t get it.

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