Why is everybody talking about the future of ad agencies, creativity, journalism, etc.?

In the past few days most of the blogs I have read, newsletter received, and international conversation heard have mentioned at some point «the Future» of…you name it. Why are we all worried about the future instead of the present ?

Right  – let’s think. Times are changing –hey, excuse me, didnt Bob Dylan sung something similar..25 years ago?  But yes, journalism, media, ad agencies, social media..everything is changing. OF COURSE!

I personally think  the real problem is over population and ego. Let me explain. All of us who work in PR, Marketing, or Social Media tend to find our solution the best for the client needs…but the client also follow trends. So if the client is constantly reading about social media he will want to do something in social media. So, our ego makes us say «Yes, we can do it», even if we dont have the right people – then we subcontract a social media expert company. What happens is that probably the social media expert company has clients who also want to send press releases and they say «Yes, we can do it» and they haven’t got a clue.

So why is everybody talking about the future? Are we all expecting that some «divine» force will put some order here and clarify who does what?

I decided to write this post after reading another one called «The future of Ad Agencies and Social Media» from Mashable. I suggest you read it!

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